I’ve been dabbling with full stack javascript development.

I really like angularJS (have spent a bit of effort on it), and the power of what you can do inside the browser is really cool. Also, the ability to change quickly is amazing. It does have a steep learning curve, but there is oodles of info out there for any situation that you may find yourself in.

I have been looking at meteor.js, and it seems to be really cool as well, and might obviate the need for angular for up to medium complexity UIs with its Blaze templating engine.  I still have to explore it a bit more though, maybe that will be the subject of my next post.

In the mean time I am still continuing with my freelance work, and today I had a scenario that node KILLED at. I was writing a C# data transfer service, that reads data from a source that I didn’t have access to (an HTTP GET basically), and then writes this data to two other locations (an HTTP POST to another location, and TCP write)

It literally took me 10 minutes to knock together two servers in nodejs, one to simulate the data source and destination for HTTP, and another to simulate the TCP server.

I did have a bit of a moment where I spent 30 minutes debugging what I thought was a problem in my C# code and ended up being a problem in my Node server 🙂

This usage of Node to mock up a TCP or HTTP server is incredibly powerful. Building the equivalent services in .NET would have taken me at least twice as long as the node ones did.

I am definitely going to keep Node.js in my tool belt for all kinds of rapid prototype usages


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